Endless Inspiration: Explore London’s Top 4 Fashion Exhibits – Crown to Couture, Chanel, Designer Insights & Beyond

Threaded Together Episode 10: Cultivating Creativity Part 2: 48 Hours, Four Exquisite London Fashion Exhibits: Chanel, Crown to Couture, Thom Browne and more
Threaded Together Episode 9: Everything we Wish we knew when we started sewing

Join us in Episode 10 of ‘Threaded Together’ as we explore London’s vibrant fashion scene. This episode takes you through our adventures in four distinct exhibits and a captivating book launch. Discover insights from 30 years of London fashion, get an exclusive glimpse into the Crown to Couture collection, and hear our personal encounters with iconic Chanel pieces. We also share our engaging conversations with fashion luminaries Andrew Bolton and Thom Browne. We also discuss how these exhibits can spark creativity in your own sewing projects, offering a wealth of inspiration for sustainable makes. Packed with fun anecdotes and valuable learnings, this episode is a must-listen for fashion enthusiasts and aspiring designers alike.

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REBEL: 30 Years of London Fashion

The first exhibit we went to was the “Rebel 30 years of london fashion celebrates the 30th anniversary of the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN programme, the NEWGEN program is an initiative that supports the best emerging fashion design talent with the aim of  building global, high-end brands of the future. It tells the story of many of these young designers and follows the careers of several now fashion superstars that originated in that program.


Richard Quinn: 30 Years of London Fashion
Alexander Mcqueen recreated lace dress

How to see the exhibit

  • If YOU want to see the Rebel – 30 years of london fashion in person, it is at the design museum in London until the 11th of February: https://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/rebel-30-years-of-london-fashion

Crown to Couture

Crown to Couture was an exhibition at Kensington Palace. The exhibition draws parallels between today’s red carpet and the Georgian Royal Court in the 18th century.


How to see the exhibit:

  • The exhibit is no longer running, however it is well documented online

Divas Exhibit

We started the day at the DIVA exhibition at the V&A – – it steps through – Divas over time  spanning the 19th century to now. Starting with some of the early prima donnas -opera singers, victorian theatre stars, dancers, silent movie stars, female stars of hollywoods golden age through to contemporary pop divas. The exhibition is accompanied by an incredible playlist that changes as you move through the exhibition. 


How to see the exhibit:

  • On until April 24th at the Victoria & Albert Museum https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/diva

 Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto

Not to be confused with the New York Met Gala’s recent Lagerfeld exhibit, this exhibit covered the life and work of Gabrielle Chanel herself, entitled the: Gabrielle Chanel:Fashion Manifesto.  The exhibit covered the life & work of Gabrielle Chanel charting the establishment of the House of CHANEL starting with a hat from her millinery boutique in 1910 through to her final collection in 1971 looking at the and the evolution of her iconic design style.

Tracy’s top Highlights

Chanel Dress- Tracy's top pick
Chanel Dress- Tracy’s top pick
Chanel Suit worn by Lauren Bacall

Chanel suit worn by Lauren Bacall: youtube link: https://youtu.be/Kkjxm51312w?si=77VFNejJeYF4oRAW

Rebecca’s top Highlights

How to see the exhibit:

 Thom Browne Monograph

He talk was to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the Thom Browne and his label. In case you are unfamiliar Thom Browne is an American designer famous for a more shrunken proportioned suit and his love of gray. There was a short conversation between Thom Browne and Charlie Porter, a British fashion critic that was quite nice. Then we had the opportunity to purchase the book, have it signed and have a little chit chat.

Thom Browne in Conversation with Charlie Porter: Monograph - Matthew Perry
Thom Browne in Conversation with Charlie Porter: Monograph


  • Irma Boom – https://www.instagram.com/irma_boom_amsterdam/
  • Monograph Book: https://www.thombrowne.com/us/shopping/thom-browne-the-20th-anniversary-book-21070779

What’s Next . . .

The holiday season is just around the corner, so we are going to get a head start and be discussing occasion wear so that we will all be ready for our holiday festivities! Things that can potentially trip you up such tricky fabrics like sequins and velvet and some of our favorite holiday outfit trends that you can take inspiration from to make you sure you feel amazing at your next festive activity.

Share your thoughts, questions, or designer requests by reaching out to us on social media @ThreadedTogetherPodcast or on ThreadedTogetherPodcast.com before the next episode drops. Stay tuned!

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