Dive into Crafting Custom Swimwear

Dive into the delightful details of DIY swimwear with the latest episode of the Threaded Together Podcast, perfectly timed for summer! Learn to tailor your own trendy, top-tier swimwear with expert tips on achieving the perfect fit. Discover delightful, durable fabrics and dive deep into the design of the elusive dry robe. Whether you’re a seasoned sewer or starting your swimwear saga, join Tracy and Rebecca for a fun-filled and informative session on crafting comfortable, custom swimwear. Don’t miss out on essential sewing secrets and sustainable style strategies.

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Something Current: MET Gala Recap

Our Favorite Looks from the Met Gala
  • Gigi Hadid: Partnered with Thom Browne, wearing an off-shoulder corset dress under a silk moiré coat adorned with 3D yellow roses. The creation required over 13,500 hours and a team of more than 70 people. Read more on Vogue UK.
  • Elle Fanning: Wore a “glass gown” by Balmain, inspired by a scene from Cinderella, with birds creating the dress, embodying a stunning cinematic reference.
  • Isabelle Huppert: Wore a dress with a train, inspired by a design by Maison Callot Sœurs. The dress was recreated by Demna for Balenciaga. Detailed backstory and heritage connection discussed. Vogue article and behind-the-scenes video.
  • Nicole Kidman: Wore a recreation of a 1950s couture gown by Cristobal Balenciaga. Learn more on Vogue UK.
Modern Twists in Bridgerton Costumes
  • Contemporary Costuming Highlights: Noteworthy modern designs include Crecida’s tulle sleeves and another character’s kimono-inspired garment with Balenciaga-like ruched sleeves.
  • Costume Design Insights: Tracy highlights Henry J Wilkinson’s behind-the-scenes contributions to the show’s costume design. Explore more in this video.
Recent Creations by Tracy & Rebecca
  • Rebecca’s Latest Project: Rebecca crafted the Rhonda Top, a stylish and versatile piece from Fibre Mood. Explore the pattern here.
Our Swimwear Creations

This episode marks the first time both Rebecca and Tracy have crafted projects for the podcast, making it a special showcase of their sewing skills.

  • Rebecca’s Choice: Rebecca took on the Paradise Patterns Cowrie Kini, sticking closely to the original design. Discover her pattern choice here.
  • Tracy’s Selection: Tracy opted for the Megan Nielsen Cottesloe swimsuit, adding her unique twist to the design. Learn more here.
Key Topics Discussed in This Episode:
  • The Four Enemies of Swimwear: We delve into the challenges of selecting the right materials for swimwear, including fabric and elastic choices.
  • Customizing Your Swimsuit Fit: Discover ways to update the rise on your swimsuit for the best fit and learn adjustments to personalize your swimwear.
  • Sewing Equipment Essentials: We answer the question: Do you need an overlocker to make a swimsuit? Spoiler: no, you don’t.
  • Elevating Your Swimwear: Learn how to take your swimwear from basic to high fashion, linking back to contemporary runway trends.

What’s Next . . .

Next Month’s Episode: Master Summer Sewing: Transform Your Wardrobe

Get ready to redefine your summer style with our upcoming episode of the Threaded Together Podcast! As the warmer months approach, the challenge of assembling the perfect summer wardrobe becomes a central focus. In our next episode, we will delve into how to thoughtfully and intentionally elevate your summer wardrobe. We’ll cover everything from identifying the most impactful pieces that you’ll want to wear season after season to exploring the concept of uniform dressing without the dullness. Plus, we’ll provide invaluable tips on how to sew sustainably, minimizing your environmental impact while maximizing style. Curious about what projects we’ll tackle next? Make sure to tune in and join us for a summer of sewing success!

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