Vionnet & Charles James: the Origins of Modern Fashion Design & Construction

Threaded Together Podcast Episode 8: Vionnet & CHarles James: the Origins of Modern Fashion Design & COnstruction
Threaded Together Podcast Episode 8: Vionnet & Charles James: the Origins of Modern Fashion Design & Construction

Fashion, ever-changing by nature, is a powerful tool reflecting society’s zeitgeist. In the 20th century, it became a medium for self-expression and individualism. Join us as we delve into the designers who’ve left an indelible mark on what we recognize as modern fashion. Join us on a sartorial journey as we explore the legacies of beloved designers Charles James and Madeleine Vionnet in the 8th episode of Threaded Together Podcast. Trends may ebb and flow, but the innovations of these designers remain timeless cornerstones, influencing everything from the runways of NYFW to the garments in your very closet. From wearable sculpture to abstract shapes, the art of draping to the mastery of garment construction, we’ll introduce you to the icons we study for fashion history insights and construction techniques worthy of the masters themselves.

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Charles James

Rick Owens Collections featuring Charles James Inspiration
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What’s Next . . .

we have a rather fun topic for our next episode that I think is very timely considering the changing seasons in the northern hemisphere and how much time we are about to spend indoors. We will be discussing everything we WISH we knew when we started sewing. All the top tricks, tips, and especially all of the machines and things that you do NOT need when getting started sewing.

Share your thoughts, questions, or designer requests by reaching out to us on social media @ThreadedTogetherPodcast or on before the next episode drops. Stay tuned!

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  1. I have to know what KIND OF IRON YOU GOT. FOR CHRISTMAS! I need a new iron now, and want to love it, like you love yours!

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